How to Install

How to install your fan 

Follow these simple steps below and in no time your toilet will be hygienically odor-free, for good!


1. The PFC "Coke can" Test

If a Coca-Cola ('Coke') can will fit inside you toilet tank, so will the Panfan 'PFC' model.

Check the overflow pipe is accessible. Note that the coke can fits on top of the accessible overflow pipe - the can end is flush with the side of the pipe.
See the pictures below showing "coke can test"  and an illustration of dimensions required to fit the Panfan.
Ensure the Coke can (or Panfan) does not interfere with the operation of the tank functions.

    If your tank does not fit the Panfan using the coke test - do not panic  
    Please seek advise as there is very likely a very simple solution
    a)  Your flush valve may have an accessible overflow pipe but the valve needs rotating in order to allow the Panfan to fit

    b) Your tank may have a cumbersome water inlet valve getting in the way of fitting the Panfan, simply change the water inlet valve to a single sided valve.  Refer to Tank trim videos

    c) Your flush valve may have a water inlet valve attached to the accessible overflow pipe, simply change the water inlet valve to a single sided water inlet valve.  Note:  that the flush valve has also been rotated to fit the Pafan fan unit.    Refer to Tank trim videos

    d) Your flush valve may not have an accessible overflow pipe, simply change the flush valve to a model that has an accessible overflow pipe.
    Refer to Tank trim videos


    IMPORTANT: before buying new tank trim components, be sure that the "coke test" will work after making the changes, and remember that your original toilet manufacturer warranty may be void after the changes. You are fully responsible for any changes you make to the toilet tank mechansims.

    If the above tests fail, conduct the PFW model test.


    3. The PFW test

     A. Check if there is an unused water inlet hole in the base of the tank and that the filter will be easily accessible
    (back-to-wall toilets are not suitable for the PFW model).


      If your toilet will fit the PFC or PFW (above) you can install Panfan yourself  - please refer to the installation videos or you have one of our certified installers come to install Panfan. 


        IF neither the PFC or PFW fan types fit your toilet - then consider using the PFV fan type