What is Panfan?

What is Panfan?

Panfan is a revolutionary, award-winning product that eliminates toilet odor and the 
micro-organisms found in that odor. Panfan creates a much more hygienic, odor-free bathroom.

Panfan is a fan and filter unit that is activated when the toilet is in use, creating a vacuum within the bowl so bad smells never escape!

Panfan filters the air drawn from the bowl with an active-carbon filter; eliminating unwanted smell and 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms that would otherwise be released into your bathroom.

Agar plates from the Dublin University mico-biology research team grapgically demonstrate how effectively the carbon filter removes micro-organisms.

The Benefits:

  • Panfan can be installed in as little as 5 minutes. 
  • Panfan typically uses 10 -20 times less electricity than a ceiling extractor fan. 
  • Panfan eliminates 99.9% of the airborne micro-organisms (harmful bacteria and fungi) that is found in toilet-odor. 
  • Panfan removes toilet-odor, directly from the toilet-bowl!

There are three different fan models of Panfan to ensure you can install Panfan into most toilets. 
Two filtered fan models and a vented fan model (refer to Our Models for more detail) 
The filtered fan models ar
 PFC - PFW and the vented fan model is - PFV as above.


The fan unit can be powered by either mains (ac) supply or a rechargeable battery (dc) and 
either manually (M) or automatically (A) activated when you use the toilet.

For example:

acM -   
  powered by mains supply with manual switch fan activation  

acA -      powered by mains supply with automatic fan activation

dcM -     
powered by rechargeable battery with manual switch fan activation

dcA -      powered by rechargeable battery with automatic fan activation


How it works! 

 Did you know? There’s a hidden air passage between your toilet bowl and the tank (cistern) at the back of your toilet!

Panfan uses this air-passage, called the over flow pipe, to work its magic by drawing air directly from the bowl while the toilet is in use.  

The illustration demonstrates our PFC fan model












The Panfan fan unit (PFC) sits quietly in your toilet tank (cistern), removing odour and 99.9% of all micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) found in toilet odour as it passes through our amazing active-carbon technology. 

 Agar plates from the Dublin University mico-biology research team grapgically demonstrate how effectively the  carbon filter removes micro-organisms.